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Promotional Desk and Office Gifts

Here at AA Promotional Products, we offer a great range consisting of over fifty products in our desk and office gift category. Read on to find out more about the specific kinds of products we offer in this range, and how we can personalise it for you to meet your requirements.


Why Buy Promotional Desk and Office Gifts?

If you decide to buy promotional desk and office gifts, there are many advantages for doing so. When bought for office workers, not only do such gifts offered to individuals make them feel special, it makes them feel an important part of the bigger team, and it can help to boost morale. Promotional desk and office gifts can also work well when working with those outside of the company, acting as a visual reminder of the company and thus strengthening any business connections. Additionally, some of these may work as advertisement outside the office if used in other spaces, such as at conferences.


Our Promotional Desk and Office Gifts

Our promotional desk office gifts include different kinds of rulers, including architect scale rulers. We offer different coaster options, including hardwood coasters, glass coasters, ceramic coasters, melamine coasters, PVC coasters, aluminium coasters, acrylic coasters in any shape you like, and extended round coasters that offer space for multiple drinks, or your tea and biscuit. Desk buddies and sticky sets have a range of different post-it notes for you to use, and we stock different kinds of highlighter pens ready to emblazon with your company logo or name. Additionally, we can supply promotional products such as mouse mats, staplers, iPhone cases, paperclip dispensers, sharpeners, pencil cases, white boards, phone stands, clocks and other kinds of notepads.


Bundle of Promotional Desk and Office Gifts

If you would like to use promotional desk and office gifts as a special bundle, or you can’t decide between products, why not opt for the all-inclusive office set bundle? This set includes two bottles, six coasters, and one biscuit jar. It can be a great gift for different departments to have their own personalised office break sets.


Gift Options at AA Promotional Products

Here at AA Promotional Products, we offer our bespoke design service for all our products. This service is no different for the promotional desk and office gifts, where you can choose between a customisation of between one to three colours, with more colours increasing the price point, but with great savings to be made from the bulk buying options. If you’re looking for personalised executive office gifts, look no further, as you will be able to include any company logos and names on the products that you choose.


Contact Us

For more information about our promotional desk and office gifts , or any other products, please get in touch by visiting our contact page, or via email at Alternatively, you can also speak to a member of the team directly by calling us on 07711 837222. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.


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